Sunday, November 13, 2016

Interview an elder (aunt, uncle, grandparents, etc.) over Thanksgiving - use the StoryCorps app

StoryCorps is an app that gives people the chance to record interviews of people to record their bits of advice, wisdom, funny memories, etc.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen 2016 is geared more towards students who are in high school - but could certainly be done with younger students (as long as they have a family members' permission to run the app).

If you are interested - there is a teacher's toolkit available by clicking here.

The app does a nice job of getting you ready for the interview (some pre-set questions already set, walks you through the interview, etc.)

I would recommend (especially if you are thinking of using this with children under 13) to try this out on your own first and see what the app is capable of and then using as you see fit.

Embedded below is a short 1 minute 18 second YouTube video showing you what the app looks like followed by a nice video with 5 interview tips by NPR's Steve Inskeep (host of NPR's morning edition).

This post was inspired by Richard Byrne's post earlier this week - check it out here.

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