Monday, August 15, 2016

Want to show YouTube videos without distractions? Check out these two sites.

Inspired by Richard Byrne's earlier post this week - it reminded me of two awesome sites for showing YouTube videos without the fear of distractions or YouTube's suggested videos.

The first site is Viewpure. All you need to do is paste the URL from YouTube and it will "purify" the video and eliminate the distractions on page. 

Below is a GIF of how to use Viewpure followed by the same 20 second YouTube video (with audio).

The second site is . This site is great as it will clean-up the video (like Viewpure) and eliminate the distractions in a "family-friendly" environment. You can simply paste the URL and the video will be shown in a clean "safe" environment. 

What I really like is the search feature that Watchkin scans the content and will block what they feel is not "family-friendly".

Below is an embedded GIF showing how to use the search feature as well as the same video below on YouTube with audio.

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