Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Kahoot! - outstanding game based learning platform.

Kahoot! is an amazing and fun game based learning platform that can be "played" with any device for any age level.

GIF showing what a Kahoot! looks like from the teacher (left) and student point-of view (right).

On Kahoot you can create a survey or quiz including pictures and/or videos in which the teacher can control the pace of the "quiz" by imposing a time limit for each question. As students answer the questions, points can be awarded for answering the question correctly (although they do not need to be). If the teacher decides to keep points, a scoreboard is displayed for all users. A Team Mode can also be created if the teacher would like to use that in his/her classroom (or if there are not enough devices for all). In order for users to "play" all they have to do is enter a PIN code shown by their teacher. There are also over 9 million public Kahoots that users can "play" or download. These can also be adjusted to fit your needs as well.

Click here for a very nicely created how-to guide that includes step-by-step instructions.

Embedded below you will see 10 GIFs that will show you how to create a Kahoot! from scratch. First, you will see an embedded 10 minute YouTube video that will walk you through the site and show you what it looks like from the teacher and student view.

Click on Quiz - remember to give your Kahoot! a title.

Add your first question - you can add an image or video (Pixabay is a great site for free images).

Adding a second question.

Remember to save it.

Select play!

Showing what it looks like from a teacher and student point of view.

Showing the first question from both points of view.

Second question.

Showing what it looks like when the quiz has ended.

Showing final scoreboard.

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