Tuesday, March 8, 2022

A look at Flippity's WordMaster. Similar to Wordle - can create up to 10 characters and easily share

 If you like to play Wordle - there is a great website called mywordle.me that allows you to easily create your own Wordles to share with others. I created a blog post as well - How to create your own custom Wordle.

Flippity.net has included the game called Word Master. ** Make sure to check out all of Flippity's other options as well - it is an outstanding site.**

Word Master is very similar to Wordle with a few minor tweaks. You can see the differences below:

Important differences from Wordle:

There is no dictionary. Players may type whatever the wish, including gibberish.

There is no standard character set. You may use numbers, symbols, and non-English characters in your puzzles (but players will need to be able to type those characters.)

You may use words of any length up to 10 characters. 5 character words are recommended.

Embedded below is a 1 minute and 59 second YouTube tutorial.

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