Saturday, October 22, 2016

On a Chromebook - want to caps lock using a shortcut?

Try using Alt + search (search is where a Caps lock is on a notebook).

To take off the caps lock just use Alt + Search again.

Of course you can always just reset the search button to be CAPS lock all the time by clicking here or following below...

So many times this past year I have had kids and adults ask me, 'Where is the Caps lock button on my Chromebook?"

Well, good news/bad news.

Bad news 1st - there is no Caps lock button.
Image Source

Good news - there's a way to make one permanently, but I don't think you will. Ok, maybe I'm way wrong - but check this out....

1. You know the little magnifying glass that is where the Caps lock button should be? Click on it. What do you see? That's right - a Google Search button comes up without opening up a new tab - pretty awesome right?

Image Source
Image Source

2. Ok, Brad - that's cool - but how do I make a Caps lock button?
All you need to do is click on ctrl and the search and it will automatically get you CAPS lock. To disable - just click ctrl search again.

Are you old school and just want the Caps lock to be where the Caps lock should be? No worries - go into:
SETTINGS (bottom right of screen) and look under the device settings.
You will see Keyboard Settings - click on that.
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Then, select SEARCH and then make it Caps lock.  Now you have it back - but no "Search" button.

Up to you. Enjoy!

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